• Sweet Lassi
    Sweetened butter Milk.
  • Salted Lassi
    Salted Butter Milk.
  • Masala Lassi
    Spicy Butter Milk.
  • Jaljeera
    Tangy refreshing drink.
  • Roasted Papad
  • Masala Papad
  • Chicken Hawain Salad
    Strips of boiled chicken on a bed of fresh lettuce and tomato with pineapple in a honey mayonnaise based sauce.
  • Russian Salad
  • Fruit Salad
  • Green Salad
  • Cuchumber Salad
  • Raita ( Mixed/Pineapple/Boondi )
  • Vegetarian
    Cream Of Tomato
    Vegetable Manchow Soup
    Vegetable Hot & Sour Soup
    Vegetable Sweet corn Soup
  • Non Vegetarian
    Lashuni Murgh Shorba
    Chicken Sweet Corn Soup
    Spicy peppery Chicken lemon
    Tom yum prawn Soup
    Seafood Coriander Soup
Kulchas (Masala / Aloo/ Onion)
. Kabuli Naan
. Kashmiri Naan
. Lachha Paratha
. Pudina Paratha
. Butter Naan
. Tandoori Roti
. Rumali Roti
  • Basmati Rice
    Choice Of Pulao Peas\ Jeera \Paneer \Vegetable
    Kashmiri Pulao Basmati rice cooked in authentic Indian spices and garnished with dry fruits, cherry and pineapple finished with saffron.
    Subz Biryani A Vegetable interpretation of the traditional lamb Biryani style.
    Murgh Dum Biryani Basmati rice cooked with chicken flavored with saffron, in a sealed vessel to retain the fragrance.
    Mutton Biryani Biryani cooked with Mutton.
    Prawn Biryani Biryani cooked with prawns.
Chinese Starter
Chicken Taipai Deep-fried marinated chicken tossed with chilly oil, onion and garlic
Pan Fried Chilly Fish Pan Simmered fish fillets tossed with chopped onions, ginger, garlic and green chilly
Golden Fried Prawns
Deep fried king prawns served with hot garlic sauce
Spicy Lemon Prawn with Brandy flavour
Spicy marinated Prawns tossed in chopped garlic, lemon grass finished with flambéed brandy
  • Vegetarian

    Veg. Spring Roll
    Chinese pancake roll stuffed with shredded vegetables servedwith tangy chilly sauce
    Cracking Spinach All time favorite spinach battered with corn flour and deep fried
    Crispy Chilly Baby corn Batter fried baby corn tossed with fresh red chilly sauce
    American corn salt & pepper Crispy battered fried sweet corn tossed with freshly ground black pepper
    Cottage Cheese in Hunan Style Batter fried cottage cheese tossed with fresh chilly oil and oyster sauce

  • Non Vegetarian
    Chilly Chicken Dry
    A Schezwan specialty with tender chicken morsels and chilies
    Diced Chicken Assorted Pepper and Ginger
    Battered fried diced chicken tossed with colour pepper and ginger
Chinese Rice and Noodles
. Mixed Fried Rice
. Prawn Schezwan Fried Rice
. Triple Schezwan Fried Rice
. Chicken Hakka Noodles
. Chicken chilly garlic Noodles
. Singapore style rice Noodles
. Pan fried Noodles
. American Chopsuey
  • Vegetarian
    . Ginger Capsicum Fried Rice
    . Burned garlic Fried rice with Ice berg lettuce
    . Golden onion and Sitake Mushroom fried rice
    . Veg Hakka Noodles
    . Chilly garlic Noodles
    . Singapore style rice Noodles
    . Pan fried Noodles
    . American Chopsuey
    Non Vegetarian
    . Egg Fried Rice
    . Chicken Fried Rice
    . Mixed Meat Fried Rice
Indian Starter
  • Non Vegetarian
    . Galouti Kebab Orko'ss chef's Speciality.
    . Adraki Murgh Tikka Boneless chicken cubes marinated in a ginger and yoghurt, baked in a clay oven
    . Pahadi Murgh Tikka Boneless chicken marinated in spiced yoghurt with spinach and coriander past, baked in a clay oven.
  • Vegetarian
    . Dahi ka kebab Hang yogurt dumpling served in freshly prepared spicy yogurt.
    . Paneer Shaslik Fresh cottage cheese skewered with bell pepper, onion.
    . Khatti mithi seekh kebab Finely chopped vegetables and fresh fruit rolled in skewer and served with mint sauce.
    . Dhingri kebab Marinated mushrooms skewered & cooked in a clay oven.
    . Bhutti ka kebab Greated baby corn marinated with corn flex and vermicelli and deep fried.
    . Veg. Kebab Platter Assortment of vegetable kebabs.
    . Tandoori Pomfret Pomfret marinated in lemon juice and spicy yogurt cooked in a clay oven.
Bengali Speciality
  • Non Vegetarian
    . Chicken Tikka Butter Masala Boneless Chicken tikka cooked in a unique spicy tomato based gravy, finished with fresh cream.
    . Kesari Murgh Chicken morsels poached in succulent rich cashew nut based gravy finished with saffron.
    . Mugh Bharta Boneless chicken cooked in rich brown gravy & finished with cream & chopped boiled egg.
    . Dum ka Murgh A traditional spicy Hyderabadi delicacy.
    . Afghani Tangri Masala Succulent chicken leg pieces grilled and cooking in tomato cashew gravy.
    . Gosht Rogan Josh A traditional spicy Kashmiri delicacy.
  • . Narkeli Cholar Dal Traditional lentil preparation with chick peas and finished with lightly fried chopped coconut.
    . Sona Mung Dal Traditional lentil preparation with onion and cumin seeds finished with clarified butter.
    . Phulkopir Dalna Cauliflower cooked in light fragrant gravy with diced potatoes.
    . Mochar Ghonto Chopped banana flower cooked with clarified butter and chilies.
    . Posto Borar Jhal A traditional Bengali preparation, served in spicy gravy.

  • Non Vegetarian
    . Murgh Makhani Boneless chicken cooked in a tomato based gravy & finished with cream & butter. A Punjabi delicacy.
    . Kadhai Murgh Chicken cooked in a traditional pan with fresh tomatoes, onion, ginger and garlic, fresh herbs and spices.
Indian Main course
Vegetable kolhapuri Assorted vegetables cooked in authentic spicy India gravy.
Navarattan Korma Mixed vegetable with chopped fruits in white gravy finished with saffron.
Aloo Gobi Adraki Cauliflower cooked in authentic Indian gravy with diced potatoes, finished with finely chopped ginger.
Aloo Dum Kashmiri Baby potatoes slowly cooked in spicy red gravy.
Pindi Chana Chick peas cooked in tradional North Indian spices.
Dal Makhani A North Indian speciality of black lentils finished with butter & fresh cream.
Dal Butter Fry Yellow lentils tempered with onion, tomato & cumin seeds finished with butter.
Dal Pancharatan Five types of lentil mixed together and cooked to perfection.
  • Vegetarian
    Paneer Makhani
    Cubes of cottage cheese cooked in tomato gravy, finished with fresh cream
    Paneer Tikka Masala Cubes of paneer tikka cooked with rich and spicy onion gravy
    Kadhai Paneer Cubes of cottage cheese stir fried with bell pepper, onion, tomato, and fenugreek gravy.
    Palak Paneer Cubed cottage cheese cooked in garlic flavored spinach gravy.
    Zafrani Malai Kofta Paneer dumplings stuffed with khoya dry fruits, deep fried cooked in cashew based gravy finished with saffron.
    Methi Matter Malai Freshly picked fenugreek and peas cooked in cashew nut gravy.
    Khumbh Matter Hara Pyaz Mushrooms, green peas and spring onion cooked in an onion based gravy.
    Vegetable Jalfrezi Well cooked mix vegetable garnished with capsicum, onion and served in tomato gravy.
    Vegetable Makhanwala Assorted vegetable cooked in rich butter gravy.
    Corn Palak
    Kernel corn cooked in Indian flavored spinach gravy.
Chinese Main course
Kumpao Chicken An authentic Chinese spicy chicken preparation cooked to perfection
Chicken in Butter garlic Sauce Chicken tossed with butter finished with garlic sauce
Sweet & Sour Chicken Chinese-style sweet and sour chicken, made with bell peppers and pineapple served in a sweet chilly sauce.
Thai chicken Green Curry An authentic Thai spicy chicken preparation cooked to perfection.
Shredded Lamb In Hot Garlic Sauce Shredded tender lamb tossed in chilly sauce and chopped ginger and garlic.
  • Vegetarian
    Stir Fried Vegetables With Pak
    Choi Fresh garden vegetables cooked in an authentic Chinese style.
    Vegetables Manchurian Mixed vegetable dumpling in spiced ginger Soya sauce.
    Seasonal Vegetables In Black bean Sauce Stir fried seasonal vegetable with spicy black bean sauce.
    Veg. Sweet & Sour Gravy Vegetables cooked in a sweet and chilly sauce.
  • Non Vegetarian
    Chicken with Choose your Sauce

    Chicken prepared in (Hunan / chilly plum / chilly oyster / Black bean /Schezwan)
    Prawn with choose your Sauce Prawn prepared in (Pepper garlic sauce / Ginger wine / Devil sauce)



  • Hot chocolate Roll
    Traditional Chinese dessert
  • Gulab Jamun
    Creamy chesse dumpling served in flavored sugar syrup
  • Malpua
    A traditional Bengali sweet.
  • Choice of ice cream
    (Vanilla / Strawberry / Chocolate / Butter Scotch)
  • Nalen Gurer Ice Cream
    Traditional Bengali Speciality
  • Orko'ss special Tutty fruity
  • Darshan
    Fried noodles with honey sauce topped with scoop of vanilla ice cream
. Sarsowali Mahi Tikka Fish fillet marinated in a mustard flavored sauce finished to perfection in a clay oven.
. Jhinga Bhatti Kebab Jumbo prawns marinated in lemon juice, coriander paste and a yogurt cooked in a clay oven.
. Jhinga Gulnar Jumbo prawns marinated in garlic spiced yoghurt and cheese grilled in a clay oven.
. Tandoori prawn Jumbo prawns marinated in a ginger and yoghurt, baked in a clay oven.
. Non Veg. Kebab Platter An assortment of non vegetarian kebabs served on a platter.
  • Non Vegetarian . Lasooni Malai Tikka Boneless chicken morsels marinitaed in garlic, yoghurt and cheese grilled in a clay oven.
    . Tandoori Murgh Tender spring chicken marinated in spiced curd and delicately cooked in a clay oven.
    . Orko'ss Special Tangri Kebab Succulent chicken leg pieces grilled to perfection.
    . Akbari Tangri Kebab Succulent chicken leg pieces marinated with chef special herbs grilled in clay oven.
    . Dora Seekh Kebab Minced lamb and chicken rolled on a skewer with Indian spices.
    . Adraki Boti Kebab Tender Lamb cubes marinated with nut's cream and chef special herbs cooked in a clay oven.
    . Mutton sheekh Kebab Minced lamb rolled on a skewer with Indian spices grilled to perfection.


. Machli Amritsari Masala Bethki fillet fried in North Indian style with traditional spices with onion, tomato gravy.
. Jhinga Kadhai Se Tiger prawns cooked in chopped onion paste and sautéed in a tomato based gravy.
. Rara Gosht Lamb picattes and minced lamb cooked in spicy gravy.
.Keema Matter Minced lamb along with peas cooked in traditional Indian gravy.
. Hari Mirch Ka Bhuna
Gosht Lamb picattes cooked in spicy gravy. . Mughlai Gosht A traditional Mughlai preparation.
  • Non Vegetarian
    . Chingri Malai Curry An authentic Bengali prawn curry cooked in coconut milk.
    . Bati Chingri Prawns cooked in mustard based gravy over a slow flame.
    . Illish Bhapa . Steamed Hilsa marinated in mustard based rich gravy. An all time favorite.
    . Bhetki Paturi Steamed and marinated Bhetki filletes` encased in a banana leaf.
    . Murgi Kasha Spicy sautéed chicken. The signature dish of North Calcutta
    . Kasha Mansho All time preferred lamb curry in Bengali style.