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Kolkata: 24th February 2009: Indian food is vibrant so as the Indian breads, variety of taste and preparation Indian breads mostly "Roti" and "Paratha" has attracted the food lovers. So to start with this variety Paratha is the main point attraction at Orko's.

Food lovers of Kolkata are vibrant, to tickle with the taste-bud Kolkatans are always ahead. To celebrate this spirit of food and culinary Orko's Restaurant has come out with a special variance of Indian breads fondly called "Paratha Festival". Orko's has already earned fame for its delicious Indian foods in Kolkata now it will be a great feast for all. For vegetarians this festival will offer Parathas like Punjabi Laccha Paratha ( crispy layer Punjabi bread done in tawa with desi ghee), Tomato Paratha ( tomato stuffed paratha), Paneer Paratha ( stuffed with cooked spicy cottage cheese), Palak Paratha ( spinach stuffed paratha), Arbi Paratha ( Delicious example of Arab Cuisine , a paratha mixed with nuts & vegetables), Marble Paratha ( multi colour layer paratha ) and many more. Non-veg Parathas will be spread out during this fest like Keema Paratha ( paratha stuffed with cooked minced mutton), Crabmeat Paratha ( paratha stuffed with cooked crabmeat), Macchi ka Paratha ( paratha stuffed with cooked minced bhetki), Chicken Paratha ( paratha stuffed with cooked minced chicken ), Shrimps Paratha ( paratha stuffed with minced shrimps) and many more. For accompany you can have Dal makhani or Dal fry, Laccha onion & Pickle. This festival will run till ........ and will be available only on a-la-cart basis.

About the group:The Sen's Group, mother concern of Orko's-Restaurant and Lounge Bar has been established 100 years back with some great values. The major two parts of the company are R.R Sen Brothers Private Limited and Sen Udyog Private Limited. R.R Sen Brothers Private Limited is the most trusted and biggest Foreign Exchange Company running hundreds of branches across the country. The company has four branches in Kolkata also. The Sen Udyog Private Limited has specialised in real estate and properties business in Delhi. This company is also running a 4 star Hotel at Haridwar in collaboration with an

international hospitality brand. The Sen Udyog Private Limited is also running Orko's-Restaurant and Lounge Bar here in Kolkata. Mr. MM Sen is the founder of the group and his son and daughter-in-law Mohan Lal and Ratna Sen are two Managing Director of the group. Mrs Ratna Sen drives the hospitality business of the group with a vision of prosperity.